Interactive eLearning courses for type 1 and type 2 diabetes

About the Global Partnership

The Global Partnership for Effective Diabetes Management, founded in 2004, is a multidisciplinary task force of international experts committed to improving outcomes for people with diabetes. Since 2004, we have generated publications and interactive educational materials for a truly global audience that focus on translating learnings from clinical data into daily practice.

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Interactive accredited e-learning courses

Designed to provide practical guidance and recommendations to improve the day-to-day clinical care of patients. The e-learning courses have been accredited by the ACCME. Click here to access


Our new publication 'Individualized glycaemic targets and pharmacotherapy in type 2 diabetes' provides the latest therapeutic approaches to treating those with type 2 diabetes and is amongst the most viewed articles from Diabetes & Vascular Disease Research journal.

Interactive case studies

Our interactive case studies series reflects the principles behind the Global Partnership's '10 steps to get more type 2 diabetes patients to goal' and is designed to provide practical insights into the management of a range of people with type 2 diabetes who are difficult-to-treat/diagnose.


The Global Partnership invites you to attend this CME accredited, case-study driven symposium entitled 'Setting and Achieving Individualized Glycaemic Goals in Type 2 Diabetes' (click to see programme), at the IDF World Diabetes Congress: 2nd December 2013, Melbourne, Australia.

The Global Partnership faculty will explore treatment strategies for a range of individuals, reflecting the diversity encountered by healthcare professionals in every day clinical practice.

Coming soon

Further case studies! Click here for those already available.


  • P. Aschner (Colombia)
  • C. Bailey (UK)
  • L. Blonde (USA)
  • S. Del Prato (Italy)
  • A-M. Felton (UK)
  • R. Gomis (Spain)
  • E. Horton (USA)
  • J. LaSalle (USA)
  • L. Leiter (Canada)
  • L. Ji (China)
  • S. Matthaei (Germany)
  • M. McGill (Australia)
  • N. Munro (UK)
  • R. Nesto (USA)
  • J. Skyler (USA)
  • P. Zimmet (Australia)