Interactive eLearning courses for type 1 and type 2 diabetes

About the Global Partnership

The Global Partnership for Effective Diabetes Management, founded in 2004, is a multidisciplinary task force of international experts committed to improving outcomes for people with diabetes. Since 2004, we have generated publications and interactive educational materials for a truly global audience that focus on translating learnings from clinical data into daily practice.

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Symposia 2015

The Global Partnership has planned a number of CME-accredited initiatives for 2015, which will include a symposium on 30th November 2015 at the IDF 2015 World Diabetes Congress in Vancouver. This interactive symposium will draw upon key clinical evidence and insights from healthcare professionals on the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach in caring for people with type 2 diabetes. More info to follow soon.

Interactive accredited e-learning courses

Designed to provide practical guidance and recommendations to improve the day-to-day clinical care of people. The e-learning courses have been accredited by the ACCME. Click here to access

Downloadable interactive case studies

Our interactive case studies series reflects the principles behind the Global Partnership's '10 steps to get more type 2 diabetes patients to goal' and is designed to provide practical insights into the management of a range of people with type 2 diabetes who are difficult-to-treat/diagnose.


Our most recent publication 'Individualized glycaemic targets and pharmacotherapy in type 2 diabetes' provides the latest therapeutic approaches to treating those with type 2 diabetes.


The Global Partnership is pleased to present a webcast from its symposium 'Advances in management of type 1 diabetes: optimizing patient outcomes'.
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CME-accredited e-learning: Improve everyday clinical decision making by tailoring treatment to the individual with our interactive e-learning programme here.

This programme was developed in conjunction with International Medical Press and accredited by the Institute for Medical and Nursing Education.


Faculty image Our content is developed by a multidisciplinary task force of internationally renowned experts in diabetes. Chaired by Professor Stefano Del Prato, the Global partnership’s primary educational objective has been to encourage early and effective treatment of diabetes to reduce the risk of complications. More recently, our focus has been on supporting healthcare professionals globally in tailoring treatment to the individuals so as to achieve this objective. More